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Morocco doesn’t only have a warm climate, it also has the warmest people.

Welcoming a stranger in your home, with a kind smile and a mint tea is more than a custom, it’s a way of living.

“Living” takes its whole meaning in a Moroccan living room, as it’s the heart of every home, where friends, family and neighbours gather to share stories and meals.

A cat sleeping, children running, women singin… A rug holds all the memories. Softness, warmth and colours… A rug gives life, where the living holds place… That is the legend in Morocco.

From the Saharan desert to the peaks of the Atlas mountain, Moroccans will welcome you in their homes to sit on their rugs, drink their tea and listen to their stories.

Here, we invite you to bring some of this magic to your place, so you too can welcome your friends, family and neighbours, with the same hospitality.

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