2.3″x 10.5 Vintage Runner

This vintage Runner is originally Weaved on traditional weaving looms in Morocco by Berbers in the high-middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco, making each rug different and rare to find the same one, and are simply beautiful. They are made from natural sheep wool with natural dye, and have wonderful designs.

These earthy designs are layered over a rich field of tawny, The stunning mix of glyphs featured on this rug showcase the hand made qualities that make Moroccan rugs so desirable, These ancient symbols are made up of a variety of crosses, stars, diamonds, as well as other earthy, geometric designs.

Each rug tells the story of the weaver and symbolises their life in patterns. The tribal patterns can tell stories of life, death, beliefs, appreciation or major life events.

☆ All our rugs are cleaned before ship.


$520.00 $710.00


100% Organic Wool

Place of Origin

Handcrafted in Morocco – Atlas Mountains